Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 1: Con/Temporary Temple

Please visit one of the AA Worship Spaces discussed in class on Sunday, September 6 and Sunday, September 13 - we will meet again as a class on Thursday September 17. Guided by the reading of 'Between Sundays' and the 'Mnemonic City,' approach the worship service as a "space of public appearance" where, whether the worship space is architecturally historical or not, spirituality is culturally constructed.

Draw maps of the rituals and processes enacted, and take note of the hierarchy of phenomena (architectural or intangible) as a 'collection' of your experience. In these spaces, as Marla F Frederick notes "the power of the nonmaterial world over the material world."

In class on September 17th, we will discuss your maps, your notes, and your experiences. Remember, a "collection" of items (whether pamphlets, maps, or notes) should be both aesthetically and coherently assembled to share with the class. See on the 15th!

On the server (and handed out) are the four readings that you'll need to complete for our next meeting:

Marla F. Frederick, Between Sundays (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003)
“Introduction,” p 1 - 29
“Revival: Reading Church History” p 82 – 91
“Are We a Church or a Social Change Organization?” p 122 - 127

"The Mnemonic City: Duality, invisibility, and memory in American urbanism," Craig Evan Barton

"Communication," Andrea Dietz

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